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I noticed that I have such boring reviews lately. My disappointment in products obvious to the world! It’s time to give hope and some much needed positive reinforcement that there is awesome product in the world! All right, drama aside. Done to business!

I picked something that really is hard to find crappy product of, which I have before! Don’t get me wrong, there is a way to get a bad formula. So what am I talking about? This mysterious product is MASSAGE OIL! Yeahhh! Now this isn’t something that you use directly for sex or what not, so some of you might be wondering why I am even bothering reviewing a massage oil! Well simple enough answer… massage oils can be the kick start you need to set the mood and create that desire you both need! Now I said it is fairly straight forward at picking one, which it is. Massage oils typically have the same consistency. The one thing that you find with trial and error though is if they are long lasting and smooth. That really is something that differs between people. Some skin might absorb the oil quickly, it may just dry out faster then you prefer. The texture of the oil on skin is really dependant on the parties using it, I love it when it is wet and smooth. I don’t want to feel it start to dry at all because my hands will feel like they are chaffing against my partner’s back. These all make a difference. The easiest thing you can pick in an oil is the scent! There are soo many out there that stimulate you in different ways. They can relax you or excite you! It all depends on what mood you want to set.

My new favorite oil that I am going to share with you all is this. Chai. One word. Well perhaps you need more information then that. Intimate Organics Chai. One word to describe it? Delicious. And I don’t mean that I’m eating it, because you really shouldn’t eat massage oils, I don’t exactly know what would happen to you if you did. Well of course that is unless it is an edible one. Frankly though, I don’t care for the edible ones. They feel grainy and dry out. BUT this oil my friends is A-MAZING! Mainly because the scent is to die for, but we’ll get there!

First off it does not come in a box or anything, which is what you expect with a massage oil. The cap is typical and the same as anything else. It’s a cylinder bottle, nothing special but you don’t need special. You need something that works. You can see it in my picture above that, it is exactly like that.

The oils itself is great. It has a very smooth feeling. This is something you all want to know, even if the chai scent doesn’t entice you (in which case you are… CRAZY), they have five other scents to choose from. That’s six total scents, you’ll be able to find something you love! Now oil is thin and can be messy. You never want to spill it on your carpet or wood floors though. Doesn’t matter the brand, oil is not to be messed with! It likes to stain things. So… that said, it is easy to clean off your hands or any other part of the body if you put more on then you like. Just use a warm cloth, and I say warm because cold water would just send chills to my bones! But if you are someone that likes freezing cold water touching you, then that works too.

The chai scent has vanilla in it. It actually says vanilla and chai on the label. A very nice complimentary balance. Chai is something I don’t really know much about. So the best way I can describe the scent is something spicy. Like a spicy cinnamon-ishy kind of smell. With vanilla, you can’t forget that. I LOVE vanilla too!

I give this oil a 9/10. It’s been a while since I’ve actually given points. The only reason it doesn’t get a 10/10 is because that has to be elusive for something that really blows me out of the water! The elusive perfect score. Back to reality, it’s my favorite new massage oil!