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I like to try out lubes of all varieties. I find that no matter what kind of sex you have you can always use a lube if you want. This time I thought I’d go for a warming lube. I’ve tried Sliquid before but with no success. I ended up chucking the other lube of theirs. It just wasn’t for me but I figured I’d try again. 

It has the same design on the bottle with the little flower-like design in the lower corner. Nothing over the top but simple, elegant, and not obnoxious about it being for sex.

About the actual product… similar disappointment as the last kind I tried. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me that I keep going back to a brand that disappoints. This one I won’t chuck out of a moving vehicle over a bridge or anything. It doesn’t have a nauseating scent or flavour like the last one. What it does have is a quick dry mechanism. Basically, if you want a quickie and need a lube that dries fast then this is for you!

There was a nice warming sensation. I’ll give them that. Although that didn’t last too long either. Which depending on how you feel about warming sensations you might like. I bought it for the warming and it failed to last.

The texture of the lube was alright at first. It wasn’t as thick as I prefer but was a little thin for me. Bleh. That made it more challenging to apply with one hand as it slipped easily through my fingers. On the bright side the cap is pretty standard. I liked that. It was easy to open and close with one hand and the bottle stayed clean so I could grab it easily when the time came to reapply because with this lube it’s inevitable.

So I said it dries quick. Which for me it does. Now you can disagree… maybe yours was thick, maybe I’m crazy in thinking this is thin. This isn’t my first encounter with Sliquid. My first encounter went the same way. UGH, really sucks! That all said, I won’t trash it. I can still use it. Thing is, I’ll end up using it when I’m having spontaneous sex, need a lube, and check my drawer to find this is the only thing I have. It’s not like it’s over priced or ridiculous! That’s why I got it in the first place. It’s a fair price but just didn’t have what I was looking for. I feel bad saying that because I know many people that are brand loyal to Sliquid but I just haven’t discovered why.

The last bit that I have to say about this is the ingredients. To me that’s very important! It does contain menthol and parabens. Not something they should be proud of. If you don’t know about those I’ll tell you. Menthol is used to create that warm or cooling sensation. It can dry you out and isn’t really something you want down there. Paraben is a preservative. It has been thought to encourage breast cancer cell growth. It is also easily absorbed through the skin, so really not something you want in your

It really isn’t all that great or exciting. I guess I think the chemicals involved are not worth buying it. I don’t think I’ll get sick from the small amount in there but I certainly will avoid using those chemicals.

It dries quick. Too quick and for that reason I found it frustrating and disappointing. It’s a water based lube but they didn’t do a great job making it long lasting and moist. Too bad. I wouldn’t recommend it.