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So with all the things out there that are crazy expensive and have soo many shapes and points to them I figured it’s time to go back to the basics. That’s why I just decided that one of the first Vibs I ever got needed to be pulled out of the drawer, given a good use for memory’s sake, and posted here for everyone to see! It’s just a simple, plastic vibrator called a Mini Pearlessence. You can purchase this online at Eden Fantasies but I originally grabbed mine at a local shop years ago.

 The packaging won’t wow you and the way it looks won’t either. What will WOW you is the price. You can pick this bad boy up for less than 6 bucks! That’s crazy I know! And surely many of you are thinking that this can’t be worth anything if it’s that cheap. Wrong and I’ll tell you why.

First this plastic. Hard plastic. You might not like that but if you don’t care then it has perks. It is SUPER easy to clean! Just pop this under the sink with some warm water and a little soap and you’re golden! Not to mention that you can use what ever lube you like on it! It just takes AA batteries too, so not super hard to find around the house. The one downside is that you must, and I mean MUST, take the batteries out! It will kill the batteries if you just toss it back in the drawer, which I learned the hard way. Now the reason for this is also a nice feature, so it’s a give and take. It has a dial system for the vibrations. Now this means, and I just learned this recently, that it never truly goes completely off. It will continue to take a little bit of the battery power even while you think it’s completely off. But if you don’t care about taking the batteries out, which I don’t really, then the dial system is awesome. You can adjust it, and rather easily, to what ever level you want. It’s easy to adjust while you’re using it too so there’s no need to stop what you’re doing!

Something I found is that I like it turned up all the way. Not only that but as the batteries start dying, if they aren’t full, then it isn’t as strong. So with the hard plastic that it is, I tend to just press it over the clit and press down more. I don’t find it uncomfortable and it doesn’t hurt me doing this. I don’t go crazy, but you can push more on it and it will intensify the sensation. Also sometimes pushing on the cap with make better contact with the batteries and you get more out of it.

It’s a nice smooth design too, so if you like to insert then it’s really simple. If you use it on your clit before then you really don’t need to worry about lube to insert unless you are more dry then I get. It works great and the best part is that this thing last forever!!! Like crazy long! You can toss it in the drawer for a couple years and it still works the same as when you first got it, and it’s super cheap! YAY!