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So I have never really tried those “kits” that you can buy. I was always sceptical of them! I mean really…. how good can a kit be? What’s really in these kits, and are these just cheap products thrown into some box and sold me to at an inflated price that they don’t deserve? Maybe they’re just the junk products they couldn’t sell! I have no idea! Or at least I didn’t! I decided to get over my phobia of kits, my fear that there might be some cheap thing that I hated and wish I spent my money on else where! Alright… enough with my babbling and whining! I went out and got one. The company was called Secretly Pink…. hence the title of my post. And yes I do know I did something similar before… and I bet you’re thinking I’m going to be disappointed again. WRONG…. but you’ll have to keep going to find out more.

So the first thing I noticed at the store was that they had more then just these in kit versions. The cream that comes in the kit you can get separately. The only thing you really can’t get on it’s own is the vibrator…. and in the other kits the toys they come with… unless you get a similar toy of a different brand! But I digress. That gave me some hope that it’s not just junk. The other thing that drew me into this was that of the box. Holy cow! How cute! One thing that I love when shopping for my unmentionables, aka sexy fun things, is what the packaging is like. Really I guess that sets the mood for me. If I’m trying something new that I no nothing about and have done no research then I go for the packaging. It sets the stage for my expectations, whether that’s good or bad. This packaging is adorable. It has a very flirting box, Marilyn Monroe style too! (Not that I jump on the band wagon on things like that) but this visually appealed to me. It was very artsy in a sense. The box was pink with some light stripes and everything screamed girly, flirty, fun, and that’s exactly what I was looking for! So I snagged me one of them bad boys, grabbing the Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Kit. I thought that was a fun name too, which was setting the stage to have a fun try with it later, leaving a much more informal sense. They had a few other kits, like a tightening kit with kegel balls and a nipple kit… but I’m not really one for nipple play personal but maybe one day I’ll try it.

I always get excited when I buy something new like this. It’s not something I casually see while shopping and grab while I’m getting my hair cut or buying shoes.  I always go out planning on getting something new to try or something I already love to use. So here I was, buying something again and rushing home to try it. I always make sure I can try my new things that day. I sat around a while checking the products out. The vibrator is a multi-level vib that is a bullet style one too. It seemed to be okay, I like a strong vibration but I wasn’t put off by the sensation in my hand.

So now we get to the fun stuff! I decided it was time to give a go and see what happens. I used the gel and the vib and to my surprise it was fairly fun. I think part of that is the mindset I was in when purchasing and opening that package. I guess I’m easily influenced with outside stimuli. I tried the vibrator alone first. I wanted to understand if the gel truly did anything for me. Alone the vibrator was fun. I liked the bullet style to it because it concentrates the sensation on the clit better then other vibrators that are long or even the finger ones, which I find the silicone tip muffles it.

I went ahead and used the gel next with the vibrator to get an idea on if there was any more of an intense sensation. Well, there was. It wasn’t overwhelming to me which is great because sometimes I can find it too intense on my clit (I know how oh how when I love the intense vibrations). But sometimes when it’s too intense you can’t get the long lasting orgasm with a toy because it is overwhelming and you have to remove the toy, at which point the orgasm goes down exponentially. The gel did intensify just enough, and it wasn’t one of those days for me so it worked out well. I enjoyed it. I thought that perhaps I would try these gels again… I’ve always been sceptical when it comes to something that claims to do something through chemical or extracts. I was pleasantly surprised.

So the moral is to judge a book by its cover. It was cute, fun, and girly on the outside and that’s the kind of fun experience I had with this. I’ll definitely try this with my partner too. It’s one of those things that won’t take away from the moment between you two but will add something different to keep things entertaining.

I have never heard of this product or company brand, Secretly Pink before, but it was really cute and I don’t regret my purchase in the least bit!