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I’ve tried something similar in the past before. I believe that I said it was quite an experience for me. Since I’ve had mixed feelings about clitoral gels in the past I figured it would be best to continue the good fight and help everyone weave through the sea of sex. That said my next choice was Shunga Secret Garden.

Now I had this stashed somewhere in my chest of fun but to no avail could it be located. Thus I went out and procured a new bottle. So now you all get to experience that first moment when you bring your new fun home and take it out of the bag. Shuffling through and trying very hard to discard the receipt before my eyes could tell my brain how foolish I was (this was quite more expensive than some of the other products, but nothing is too expensive for sexual gratification, right?). The outside of the box, yes box because this comes inside another box, left much to be desired. Not exactly my taste but that’s just one person right? There’s a geisha on the box, now I loved that movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” but that doesn’t mean I want to be one. So the box isn’t exactly inviting and feels a little silly if you ask me but it’s just a box and I didn’t buy it for looks. So I tossed the box and lo and behold my sinful bottle of clitorial fun. The bottle itself is just black and nothing spectacular but I’m not looking for spectacular packaging. Onto the magic it is.

Now I ran out and bought this so I could do a review for it, so I wasted no time and ran to my room and shut the door. I will on occasion use something like this with my partner but this time was just for me. It says that some women feel the effects right away while others take up to three, that’s right you read it, three applications to feel anything! Well surprise, surprise, I’m one that it takes longer. So looking closer I see that it says three consecutive days! Holy cow who has that much dedication, but for science I say!

The first day was nothing, a little disappointing but I’ve said it before that I’ve had experiences that aren’t the best with clit stuff. So I waited until day two. Still no pleasure bursting from between my legs, no heavenly awesome boom of which to speak. Well at least none thanks to this product. So day three came and went. Still nothing to speak of. No new tingling bits of erotic pleasure. I was determined to give it a fair shake. Onwards I went and day four and five passed. Now I don’t know how long I could continue to use this and hope for something and at this point it was making me more numb then anything.

At last I came to a close on this experiment, which is best for my clit. After five days of application and play, it had enough and seemed to ban me from touching it with this product. I couldn’t get off any longer with this product at my bedside. There was a bit of a smell from the stuff but I masked it with candles which I use during my “alone” time to stimulate my senses. Without the candles and just taking in a whiff from the bottle, it was stronger then I thought it ever should or would be!

Taking a look at the ingredients into this products I was surprised that I ever bought this product in the first place. Since starting this venture into lubes and oils for special moments I found myself more aware of what I was putting in my sensitive areas. The vagina is one sensitive area and can absorb anything you put down there quickly. The last thing we as women need is infections! Secret Garden starts with water as its first ingredient, which tells me that’s the main component. No wonder I found nothing happening in MY secret garden. Then there was glycerin, which is not very good for tending any gardens as it will cause “weeds”, or in English, yeast to grow around my dark, damp, cool place. Reading on through the list I found myself unable to pronounce many ingredients or even know exactly what they were. I’m a little more wary of non-organic products, and even more so when I don’t even know what it is I’m reading.

I’ll pass on this secret garden and leave it to overgrow. I am going to use as much natural and as much organic extracts and ingredients as I can get my hands on to tend to this garden. If you wouldn’t eat it then don’t stick it below I guess. I mean organic is the new thing for farming, so why would your vaginal area be any different?