Anal sex toys – not so taboo amongst women anymore!

Joyful Pleasures Glass Dildo! Or Butt Plug…So I tried this kind of butt plug the first time I ever had any anal play and it was a little discomforting. However I decided to try it as a more experienced anal-conosseur and thatis what this review is about! Mhm.

In terms of packaging – there isn’t anything wild to say! It comes in a white and orange box with a little window to preview your purchase. The butt plug itself is actually very pretty – it’s transparent but with a little pinky/purpley hue at the top of the plug. Very feminine looking! It’s overall just kind of a nice piece of art, haha. I’m sure there are many free-minded people out there who put these out as mantel pieces.

The material of this plug is, well, glass! Hand-blown glass that is. Which is nice because no two butt plugs are the same this way. Glass is odorless, hypo-allergenic, easy to sterilze and clean, and has no pores! Woohoo. In this case, all lubes are safe, both water-based and silicone.  In terms of cleaning, you can use a toy cleaner, a bleach solution, anti-bacterial soap, whatever works. Glass is very durable! However I wouldn’t boil this bad boy because it isn’t Pyrex and it also has some air bubbles in it. The last thing you want to do is crack your pretty toy! But overall glass is meant to be a very durable and easy to maintain sex toy material, and in terms of liking it, it really all depends on how you feel about it inside of you. Speaking of inside of you – glass allows you to kind of see up into your rectum! While using this toy for solo play, I never feel the urge to see what is going on inside of my rectum! However, some peple who like to play with your ass might just get a kick out of it.

The shape of it is “tear-drop” like and has a small neck leading down to the base. The base itself is kind of large so it wouldn’t be comfortable to put in and then walk around with really, so I’d stick to using it just in the spread open confines of, perhaps, a  bedroom. At least I found that this was the most obvious comfort spot to use this. The large base DOES keep it in plave though, so I wouldn’t worry about it slipping about It’s about 3.5 inches high and has a diameter of 1.5 inches at the main buldge of the teardrop shape. So overall, not HUGEEEE but it does give a full feeling. It is also maybe too big for those who are timid about anal play and who are starting out, but for those who have experienced anal play and want to move to a toy, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. Just take it SLOWWWWW and use lotso’ lubrication! As a vaginal toy, it’s not so hot. The short buldge isn’t really fit for the vagina, and it can slip out easily. However, sometimes short and thick does the trick ! (Har-har haven’t we alllllllll heard that!)

Now for my use – overall it was an OKAYYYY experience. Like I said I used this the first time I ever used an anal toy, or rather someone used it on me. They had played with me enough that I could slowly accept it into my ass, but I just didn’t like the feeling of glass in my ass that much. I didn’t have much to compare it to! I just know that I was kinda squirmy and thinking “Well I don’t think I like this much…”. However, when it came to a soft silicone toy or an actual penis, it felt great. I decided that maybe this was just because it was my first experience and that I should try it again, as I am way more experienced in the anal realm. Exceptttttt SAME kinda thing! Honestly I think it just depends on the person, and I’ve heard the same thing. The toy is slippery and smooth, it offers no resistence and is therefore super easy to get in. It’s just too solid for me! I like the girth, I like full-feeling it provides, I just know that when my ass is getting used to something it doesn’t like the feeling of a rock hard ball up there. Soft toys and dicks give way a bit, and I think that is what  my ass enjoys. So if you’re into glass toys, and you like the full feeling with not intense DEEEEEP long penetration, then this could be a great toy for you. And, like I said, tis pretty.