On to another lube!

I purchased System JO’s Premium Personal Lube for Women because I was kinda tired for my regular water-based lube, and because in the past I had a few friendly encounters with a male who used a silicone based lube and we had lotso fun with it. I also knew that JO is a fairly high-quality brand and I’ve used some of their stuff in the past that turned out well for me, so why not try the PREMIUM LUBEE *insert awesome loud voice here*.  

The lube bottle is packaged in a pretty straight forward way: It’s clear and silvery, and the lube inside is clear. This could mayyybe be interpretted as bland? But then again it’s a premium lube, it doesn’t need all the hokey bright colours and crazy print. It also comes with a press-lid, which leads to really easy application/use and little mess when applying. It goes where you want it to, and thanks for that! It also lists on the side what it does and doesn’t do , which is pretty helpful , minus the fact that there is no ingredients list on the side.

This lube boasts that it is specifically designed for women, which I can believe. It’s very silky and smooth, something that I believe us ladies appreciate in a lube and just in general. It also says it is a skin conditioner, moisterizer, and a theraputic massage forumla. This proved to be fairly true! I rubbed some on my wrists and knuckles which become very dry in the winter, and bam! soft skin. It’s also water resistant so it doesn’t rub off very easily if you wash your hands throughout the day. Therefore this is a great lube to use in the shower – I have often avoided sex in the shower because your own lubes and water based just seem to wash away. This lube made sex in the shower very enjoyable for me and I actually stayed in the whole time, whereas before I’d suggest we leave like 10 minutes into foreplay. HOWEVER – this does lead to a problem when you want to wash it off your junk! It didn’t come off with just a lather of soap and water, and it did the water-resistant thing where it looks like you mixed oil and water – you can see the water drops sittng on top of the oil. Honestly I had to scrub my vagina with a loofa to get this stuff off, and I don’t like feeling like I’m slipping around all day at work or running errands. Needless to say, this isn’t a quick-action based lube. You’ll need time and effort after to get it off of you, so unless you’re planning a night in or have a long lunch hour, I wouldn’t use it for daily use out of the shower.

The lube says it is fragrance free, and while I believe it mostly is, is does have a faint faiiiint scent going on. It isn’t overpowering or anything though, and actually its just a light sweet smell or something, to faint to really name. Which is good, because like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like when something is totally scentless because that just doesn’t happen in the real world except with  water. It doesn’t have a taste though, and that’s good. Nothing bitter about it. It is also latex safe, but not silicone safe. So I wouldn’t suggest using it with your favourite silicone toy alone, but a condom slipped on top should do the trick.

So enough for background – I reallllllyyy liked this lube. It is, as it says, silkly and smooth feeling and it lasted a really long time. IWhen my boyfriend and I used it, it was natural feeling and didn’t have that weird ‘slapity slap slap’ sound that I find some water based lubes provide. It also wasn’t tacky at all and we didn’t have to reapply it at any point. When I used it with my glass dildo with a condom on, same nice result. It didn’t smell, didn’t feel weird or warming, and it was nice and luxurious. I also didn’t feel like it was all over my legs or anything when I got up and walked around, which is nice because some silicone lubes have left me with that smudged out mess.  Again, never had to apply. Sweeeeeeeeet.

So overall, probably a 8.5 out of 10 for this Premium JO lube. I really liked the way it feels, but it was super hard to wash the fuck off! And the other .5 percent is off because they didn’t make this product glycerine or oil free, which they did with their Agape Lube. Simply put though, friggen awesome.