So I’m probably going to be reviewing a large portion of Intimate Organics stuff on here because I have, in fact, bought many of their products. Of course I’ll be reviewing other brands of such products, but for now I’m going to be reviewing what I have and what is in this sex drawer of mine!

Anal play – oh how fun and scary you can be. Unlike the vagina, which is fairly resilient, the anus is quite sensitive and easy to tears. Even if you’re not going full throttle, small tears can occur and that lead to lots of little problems or even BIGGGG problems if you’re not careful. So, when it comes to having safe anal sex, one has got to wonder what you can do about that. I mean, you can’t ignore the butt! I actually didn’t know such products as Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray existed, I just kind of thought you eased up after a while and applied some lube. Alas, I was so wrong!

This bottle has Intimate Organics’ standard label of the female form and a stem across the stomach. As I’ve said below in my review about Intimate Organics’ Intense Clit Stimulating Gel, I like the packaging. It looks more like a spa or cosmetic product than any kind of sex spray, unless you actually read the label. So that is a hurrah for me. It also comes in a spray bottle, which I thought was actually pretty nice because my boyfriend doesn’t have to slather a bunch of stuff all over his hands like you would with a lube. It provides very quick and easy application, which is a plus when you already have to take time with the backdoor. It is also probably beneficial because spraying something like this on your hands can lead to rubbing your eyes and possibly irritating them because this product contains clove oil, and I just don’t know how well your eyeballs handle cloves! Plus you don’t want to relax your eyes or maybe even your fingers for that matter – gotta see and pick things up here people.

Onto ingredients – as mentioned, this product contains clove oil, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass. Which, actually, makes anal sex smell like apple cider, and I really enjoy that. I believe it comes mainly from the cloves, and given the freezing cold winter, there is nothing I like to think about more than apple cider and anal sex. The clove oil is also the active ingredient in it, which is what makes it relaxing. A lot of anal products that provide “anal-ease” use Benzocaine or Lidocaine as anesthetics, which literally numbs your ass. Just like when youhave surgery, these other products actually make you inresponsive to pain and that shit is just freaky! I mean, how are you supposed to feel when something isn’t going right? You can’t, that’s the point. So hello tears in your anus. With this relaxing product Intimate Organics has coined, you can actually feel everything that is happening, it’s just easier to penetrate.

Onto my experience: I had my boyfriend spray this product on my tush about 5 minutes before we got down to business. The box says to wait 3-10 minutes, so we went somewhere inbetweenish. We also used a condom, because we both agree that for safety and sanitary reasons that needs to be done. Lucky thing is, this product is also latex-condom friendly and doesn’t deteriorate the condom in anyway. Phew! Anyhow, when it came time to insertion, I found it took WAYYY less time than it usually does and it just went in quicker. And again, I could feel everytihng that was going on in there and it was super pleasurable. In comparison to using just lube, this was a really great product because I didn’t have to go over that talk-yourself-through-it moment (haha), and instead just got to have great anal sex.

All in all, this product was a pretty awesome 10 out of 10 for me. It just covers all the bases, from smelling nice, to actually working, to not being something that just numbs my butt and leaves me open to injury, and also because this is ORGANIC and VEGAN. I mean, you could eat this stuff if you wanted to, but I think the apple cider smell may not be trasnferred into taste. Never know til you try it! I also found out that Initmate Organics has an Anal Spray for men called Daring Anal Relaxing Spray. I think the ingredients are the same, but I kinda get that anal sex is a big part of both straight and gay men’s lives, and that it may not involve a female at all. Therefore, why would they want to buy a product with a chick on the front? The Daring spray has a hot sexy man body on the front, which makes me tempted to buy it, but then again I like to think his product is for ME so I get the female version. I also respect the fact that a company has made a product that can be geared towards the gay community, which is different from a lot of other companies that just lump all their products together. It’s important to gear media and products towards people of a different sexuality because it’s not exactly fair to assume that evvverybody likes a chick on the front of their product. The rest of the world embraces that we are all different, so therefore we all are drawn to different things.