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Well well well, I’ve almost completed a list of the sexy items out there in the world. Just below me lies a lube review, and somewhere ahead of me…anal reviews. I’d like to believe I have really accomplished something here! Thank you, thank you.

So begins my review on WET’s Warming Intimate Lubricant. The lube is in a pretty standard 3.7oz bottle, and it has a nice flip-top lid. I don’t have to sit for hours undoing the thing before I use it, so a flip lid is always a nice gesture. It also doesn’t leak, which is great because there is nothing worse than a.) losing what you’ve invested in and b.) cleaning that shit up. I think the little tab that inserts into the bottle itself does the trick? Anyway, thank you WET. The shape of the bottle is pretty  nice too, it has a little indented section for you to hold it by and that is not something I’ve come across too may times in lube bottles. However, the bottle itself isn’t actually THAT appealing; the holographic red label on the front is kind of….disarming? It’s just that it’s not that appealing for the purpose of sex because it actually kind of looks like little neurons in the brain firing off. I guess it would be appealing maybe if you’re into that kind of sci-fi stuff when you’re getting down? I guess maybe it is a very literal representation of what is going on when you are  using this lube, what with the endorphins and stuff letting loose, but it’s just not that appealing. I personally like to be tantalized by the things I used in my sexual adventures.  It actually made me have to blink a lot, so I avoid actually looking at the label (so weird haha).

The smell of the lube is a little..different I guess. Originally I thought it maybe smelt like chocolate, as sometimes there is a distinct scent when products are trying to imitate chocolate. However, I found out that it is NOT actually chocolate that they are trying to portray, rather it is just the scent of the warming agent. Kinda freaky if you ask me. I didn’t, and still don’t know if I should be happy that it smells chocolatey anyway. The taste – not good. Please don’t ingest it. Sure, it’s instantly warming, but honestly it tastes like burnt hair. I just tasted it just now to confirm and again, don’t you dare eat it.

The label says it is doctor recommended, which is nice. I hope this is one of those companies that actually means what they print on there bottles. Howeverrrr, this bad boy has Glycerin in it, the cousin to glucose! And that kids, can cause yeast infections. I also don’t understand why it is in this product because it doesn’t taste sweet at all. I also has Propylparaben, and as I mention in my review below, Paraben’s are preservatives! Noooo please don’t preserve my vagina artificially.

The consistency is nice, it isn’t too oily and isn’t too watery. It lasts an alright amount of time, but I had to apply it several times when I was giving a hand job. However if you decide to use it for sex, your natural lube and this together would create a long lasting lube extravaganza.

The lube itself is pretty nice, it warms on contact as described and isn’t very thick upon application. However, I did find that it almost got too warm when my boyfriend and I were having sex. Foreplay – just dandy, but sex is just too much. My boyfriend actually lost his erection because he said it was just too weird feeling – so, THANKS WET. Geeez. In all honesty though, I didn’t find it too warm during sex, and when I used it solo it was even less warm as there isn’t as much body heat/friction going on. All in all – maybe save it for handjobs and solo sack sessions.

In totality, I would give this lube a 7 out of 10. I’m not exactly a major major fan of warming lubes as they have actually been an assailant in multiple erection-losing circumstances, but the lube actually does what it says it does. So, there’s that.