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Onto some more exciting things! The other night I decided to try out Intimate Organics’ Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel, and all in all I was quiteee impressed. I’ve kind of had mixed positive and negative experiences with clitoral gels, so this was absolutely a comforting experience. I thought that maybe I was desensitized or something  *whimper*, but alas, I am still completely functioning. I guess I always expected that all clitoral gels should work on me somehow, and when some didn’t it was discomforting because a.) I paid for this damn thing, and b.) because why shouldn’t it? Intimate Organics Intense Clit gel put my little worries to rest again!

The small 1oz (or 30mL) tube comes in a small box with a classy little picture on the front. I kind of really enjoy packaging that doesn’t throw the image of a vagina or penis at me because, yes, I am trying to be discreet in some ways. The image is of a half-naked female torso with a small band of stems or leaves across the stomach. And as much as this is a simple classy package, I noticed after staring it for a while that the body is actually quite moist alongside the stems/leaves. This made me emit a little “Ooohhh” because it’s a nice idea of having discreet packaging with a little hidden edge to it. The box also lists the ingredients on one side (helpful, in case I want to Google any of these exotic terms), and on the other size it gives a sum up of the things it does NOT contain, which is part of Intimate Organics’ charm. It does not contain paraben’s (preservatives people! which are almost always found in cosmetics) or menthol (which actually an irritant and what makes you “tingle”). Instead, Intimate Organics uses natural Japanese peppermint oil to make that natural tingle happen!  The Intense Clit gel also comes with a screw-bottom opening, which isn’t a major inhibitor or anything when you’re getting down to business. It only takes me about 3 small twists and it’s off. Smaller bottle = less opening effort .

 The scent of the clear gel is actually quite nice . I’m a fan of peppermint scented things, even down to my shampoo, so it’s a very nice and refreshing aromatic scent from me. Also, the nice thing about actually SMELLING what is the working agent in a product is kind of a key component to me. The non-scented gels out there are menthol and chemical based and have almost zero smell, which you know is just another level of cover up because natural things have a smell! Also, the idea of “oil” in anything sometimes  makes people nervous about staining their sheets or panties, but I found no residue on any of my fabric items after a quick wash. The gel also has no taste, which isn’t an issue because in reality I don’t think this is a product you’re meant to lick off of someone. Save that for the flavored lubes, friends.

I’m also super pleased with the fact that Intimate Organics is what it is, it’s organic and also vegan-friendly. I’m kind of a nervous wreck when it comes to worrying about what kind of crap I’m pumping into my body without knowing it. For instance, didn’t realize the LAST thing on the list of ingredients for an Egg McMuffin is egg! Guh. So, the fact that I get to use a product on my most sensitive and most prized private parts that is natural and safe is a huge turn-on for me. I actually didn’t even know that any gels or lubes out there used chemicals like menthol or aluminum until I read up on stuff on Intimate Organics website. I still am planning on using up the lubricants and gels I have because, well, I’m not wealthy and I need to use up what I have, but I do plan on keeping a closer eye on what the eff I put in or on myself.

Now, in terms of its effectiveness, Intimate Organics has produced a very natural and very s-t-t-t-t-iimmmulating gel. The directions informed me to put a pea-sized amount on my finger and massage into my clit, but I accidentally squeezed a little more out. No harm done though! The nice thing about not using a chemical is that if you use more than initially directed, you wont suffer from horrible irritation. Any stimulating gel has always left me a little nervous in my first initial applications, but with this product I felt very safe and at ease with it’s use, and therefore felt like a pro from start to finish. The sensation is a nice light cooling feeling, and if you wait around 3 minutes and then start to play you can really notice a certain special stimulation arising,. I paired this gel with my small finger bullet vibrator, and I instantly got better results than using my vibrator solo. I reached orgasm a helllllll of a lot quicker, and it was a powerful and looooonnng one. I was actually wondering if this was just a mix of a nice gel on top of the chance of a long orgasm, but when I used it again later on I had the same result! BAM, found a friend for life.

All in all, I would have to say Initimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel is a good 10 out of 10 for me. I know they also make a Gentle Clitoral Gel, but I believe that’s reserved for those who are sensitive and experience stimulation very easily, whereas I do like a little extra. I would suggest this to be paired either with a small vibrator, or with the Hitachi Mystic Wand if you want to be damn CRAZY, and especially during a sexy romp where you can have some pubic-bone rubbing action with a partner. The majority of orgasms I experience during intercourse with the boyfriend are from the dual stimulation, so having this gel to give me that extra responsiveness is a huge friggen favor to both him and I.