I decided to start my WordPress sex-toy reviewing career with the “Cadillac” of all vibrators – the Hitachi Magic Wand (cue choir singing). I know a lot of people have reviewed this baby because, hello, it’s been around for ages for both sexual and massaging purposes; but I just wanted the opportunity to talk about one of the best.things.ever.

Everyone and their grandmother (literally) has seen one of these things, and many people have discovered the benefits of owning such an item. Given that it was released in the 1970s, this badboy originally started as a muscle massager but quickly – very quickly I’m sure – became used for much more sexy purposes. Personally, when I first used this thing for more, ahem, personal use, I had the smallest bit of hesitation because I DEFINITELY know my grandparents had a version of this back in the day. But given the more sleek look and the fact that I had just bought it, I was able to quickly rationalize with myself that this was my own and that they were very different. So for any of you out there who are having a hard time getting past the old massager past, there is a very loud and bright light at the end of the tunnel!

The Hitachi is big, like half your arm in length. It isn’t the thickest thing, so don’t worry about wrapping your hands around it, but it certainly can be heavy to some. I wouldn’t worry about holding it for too long though because the intense vibrations this thing produces will have you splayed out and satisfied in no time! However, its huge size makes it a little harder to hide. I once heard the suggestion of keeping it in a large cosmetics bag, which sounds pretty good. Or you have the option to keep it in the box you bought it in. I keep mine in my aforementioned sexy drawer on a nice, clean towel!

The head of the Hitachi is made out of vinyl, which isn’t typical for sexual massagers because of the porous material. But then again, this item isn’t necessarily made for that. The best fix is to either slip a condom on the head (can be a little tough to manage at first) or to buy the silicone extensions they make for it. In my case,  know that this massager will only be used with me, so I don’t have to super worry about sanitary purposes and I simply stick to a toy cleaner. Though, if you are planning to be nice and share with others, you might want to consider cleaning the head with a very diluted bleach/water/gentle soap mixture. Also, don’t submerge the Hitachi in any liquid as it is NOT waterproof and you can totally ruin your new favorite toy. Stick to mild washing on the vibrating head itself, either with a small amount of water or with a soft cloth! Also, you can use any kind of lube with it as I’ve come to read on other reviews, but I would maybe stick to water-based or organic lubes. There are tons out there anyway so I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding something to use on there. If you want some extra punch (I don’t know if you’ll need it!!) you could also use an organic-based clitoral gel. Organic because yes, I’m not sure how menthol-based gels work with the vinyl head.

The Hitachi is a corded massager/vibrator, so you will need to be somewhere near an outlet in order to plug it in, but the cord is actually moderately long. Probably no extension cords needed! The benefit of having this plugged in friend is that you don’t have to go out and buy tons of batteries, nor do you have to worry about it dying halfway through your amazing orgasm.

This massager is also not very discreet at all. I wouldn’t suggest using this bad boy if there is anybody home who you would mind hearing all the crazy moans and hum’s coming from your bedroom. As mentioned, this thing isn’t manufactured to necessarily be a sex toy so the makers aren’t really focusing on discreetness. However, if you do get some time alone or live on your own/with a partner, then this product is really awesome for all the sexy purposes you can imagine. The payoff is worth the loudness.Image

The Hitachi only has two speeds, they are considered by the makers to be “low” and “high”, though some may refer to them as “omigod sooo goooood I can hearrr myyy vooiiceee shakkkinggg” and “omigodomigodomigodomigod is this really happening.”  If you’re very sensitive, this product might be better for you to use through a towel, or if it is placed down on a surface to which you can lower yourself down on lightly. In my experiences with the Hitachi, I have found that the low speed is good for all the way through to orgasm! The first time I used it, I was literally floored at how amazing it felt. The feeling is super hot intense, that’s all there really is to it. The vibrations aren’t pin-point centralized on the clitoris as it’s a medium-sized massage head, but the dispersed vibrations are intense enough that you will definitely reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation anyway! Lots of people have said that the Hitachi gives quick and powerful orgasms, and that really is the main thing it delivers. I only find that I need to use the high speed if I am looking for multiple orgasms and/or to test my boundaries. I wouldn’t suggest using this bad boy everyyyy time you want to orgasm, as the crazy vibes may leave you feeling a bit desensitized, but it really is quite the amazing shocker to have used on you or on a partner.

So, is the Hitachi Magic Wand a gem to have in your sex toy collect? Oh hell ya. It’s structure might not make it look like it’s 100% made for sexy purposes, but it’s powerful function certainly makes it seem so! It just works so well and so to the point that it’s really crazy to have no at least tried one of these. They also retail for anywehre from $50-$80 dollars, so something so decently priced for such fantastic fun is totally worth the trade. All in all, if you’re looking to either work out some kinks in your neck, or in the bedroom, this product is abbbsolutely a must friggen have.