Ok I apologize that this first review is a bad one, but it’s the first thing I grabbed out of my secret, sexy, hidden, must-never-be-found, big as hell sex drawer. Today’s product is: Swede’s Flower Power, Herbal Aphrodisiac, Spiritual Massage Oil. The scent is apparently Grapefruit Palmarosa Petitgrain but there ain’t nothin cirtus about it! I have seriously contemplated the idea that this oil spoiled before I had the chance to use it because it smells pretty bad. It’s almost like one of those air fresheners named “White Linen” – you know, the ones that cover a smell but really are a smell in themselves?. Labeled as a “natural aphrodisiac”, this smell really only offended me during its use. It maybe has a hint of lavender in it? But that scent is really blinded by the rest of the smell. In terms of using it for foreplay or just for a nice massage, it did not deliever. It’s too bad really, because I was hoping this product was an alternative to other massage oils out there because it boasts on being natural. Unfortunately though, the “naturalness” of it was its downfall.

The consistency of it is nice, it’s got a good oil base that will let up if you rub it in enough (meaning that after 10 minutes I’m not still slipping around). But that’s kind of all it has going for it. I wouldn’t buy this product again, and it will stay in my drawer until I muster the effort to either toss it out or give it to an unsuspecting friend. Probably the former.