Hello world indeed!

Well I found myself frustrated by some of the other blogging site layouts and I wanted to try my luck on here. So far, so good.

Introduction: Yes, my name really is Scarlett. I’m a twenty-something lady who bides her time reading, learning, snuggling, eating, visiting, and even sexing. Occasionally even painting! Anyhow, I’ve been interested in the sex blogger idea sice my late teens and now than I am a distinguished adult *ahem*, I feel I have had the experiences and the experiments to join the field.

Currently in a long-ish term relationship, my sex life centres more around the benefits of lubes and sex toys that are used on me. My boyfriend isn’t one for having sexy toys reciprocated on him, so these posts are going to be fairly one-sided, and I’m not complaininnnggg!

I’ve always been an open person, both in the “real” world and in my sex life, so yes I have really used these items and products, and yes I will give you moderately detailed but incredibly informative reviews on them. Enjoy!